Google Lost In Recursion

Search for “recursion” on Google (without the quotes) and while showing you back the results, Google Search Engine, also suggests you : Did you mean: Recursion

So, after all your careful investigation, matching your query string against the suggestion of Google – you finally think / believe that your eyes must have lost any hidden utf-8 or yedda format character, … against which Google is trying to suggest a correct spelling. Now, you click on the suggestion. But! woha.. you get the same search results with same suggestion back again. (Recursion isnt it?)

Well like I said, you may also utter the same … it appears Google is Lost in Translation Recursion …

2 thoughts on “Google Lost In Recursion

  1. Cool observation man!, I did noticed recursion in their search result, however, it was ” Did you mean: recursion “, with small “r”. But really, is this a bug? let’s report Google! 😉

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