Make International Calls for Free (through Twitter)

Well well well, hit or flop.. only time will tell but a new Twitter based startup is on the horizon ..

So, you want to make free international calls.. isnt it? Aha, yes you do.. well unlike what you think there is no catch in it and I aint bribed for writing this article about twit2tel (not to mention.. why would they pay some blogger who’s got handful of readers.. and umm yes that makes you special )

Ok, so lets cut through to the real deal… to make an International Call you need to do the following:

1. Get an account on Twitter ..

2. Open and login using your Twitter account and grant Twit2Tel the necessary privileges it requires; also while you are completing your registration at Twit2Tel, do mention your mobile number (I dont know but you may not be able to register if you dont do that, so that goes in without saying.. lol )

3. You are all set .. Now get your friends to do the same… once they are also registered, all you need to do is to go to the homepage of Twit2Tel and make a call to Twitter-Id of your friend (your should find the box for that in lower right corner of the home page of Twit2Tel)

After Step3, Twit2Tel will automatically call you.. and make you hear a 10 seconds ad, and then will call the number associated with your friend’s Twitter Id. All (s)he needs to do then is accept the call and press 1 (which is the option to accept the call)

Well, thats it folks. Now enjoy a 4 minutes good voice quality call to your friend which is basically unlimited because you can make a thousand 4 minutes free call

Feel free to drop in your comments and suggestions. And hey, there is much more to Twit2tel than free calls, such as voicemail, etc! But for me, I am enjoying the free calls and care the least for the rest! Probably you may wanna explore more!

Have Fun!